Regions 1, 2 and 6, Chicago Public Schools

Various Locations, Chicago, IL

Chicago Public Schools (CPS) is the third largest school district in the United States and is entrusted with educating the children of Chicago. GSG was retained by CPS to perform as Managing Environmental Consultant in order to help CPS provide a safe, healthy learning environment for its students and staff.

GSG has been serving as Managing Environment Consultant for regions 1, 2 & 6 of the CPS system, which is comprised of approximately 300 schools, since 1997.  GSG has helped in developing and implementing procedures and protocols and prepared standard forms to comply with the new guidelines and specific project requirements. GSG recommends ways to streamline activities and minimize costs without compromising the work quality and compliance with regulatory requirements. Our current responsibilities include performing the following:

  • Emergency Spill Response
  • Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments
  • Regulatory Compliance and Permitting
  • Leaking Underground Storage Tank services
  • IEPA Site Remediation Program Reporting
  • Environmental remediation oversight and field inspection
  • Asbestos and Lead-based paint assessment and abatement oversight
  • Indoor Air Quality and mold assessment and abatement oversight
  • Preparation of remediation design and specifications
  • Laboratory Chemical management and disposal
  • Other services as requested by the CPS

We are proud of the reputation we have established with CPS. For years CPS has turned to GSG to fulfill its environmental engineering needs. CPS trusts GSG to assist with its development projects and to help protect students, faculty, visitors, and contractors.