CREATE Projects GS9 is a proposed grade separation of the Belt Railway of Chicago tracks and Archer Avenue. The project entails a proposed underpass at the intersection to eliminate the existing at-grade crossing of the railroad and roadway to improve safety along the corridor.

The project involved significant communication between GSG, CDOT and our client to coordinate the access, site utilities locates and traffic to complete the work safely for the busy corridor.

GSG performed a subsurface exploration program and laboratory analyses in accordance with CDOT, IDOT and AREMA requirements for the following planned improvements:

  • One (1) railroad bridge structure
  • Four (4) solider pile retaining walls for the proposed underpass
  • Subgrade recommendations for new pavements adjacent to the corridor

GSG planned and implemented a field and laboratory testing program and completed engineering analysis for the proposed improvements. The engineering analysis included drilled shaft foundations for the bridge, retaining wall design recommendation, stability analysis of the sub-grade, sub-grade improvement, drainage systems and filters, and sub-grade frost susceptibility.

The SGR followed the IDOT SGR procedure and contained geotechnical recommendations related to bridge foundations and retaining wall foundations. The engineering analysis and recommendations included evaluations of short and long-term stability and settlement due to excavations, including recommendations for cut and fill slopes, analysis for foundation type, drainage and drainage systems, and construction considerations.