George Kougias, MS, P.G.
Environmental Engineering

George is a Senior Project Manager/Senior Environmental Geologist and leads our Environmental Engineering Group in Schaumburg, IL.  Beyond managing a diverse range of projects, he is also responsible for developing the full scope of assessment planning documents as well as providing design, site management and closure plans.  George also prepares remedial cost estimates, standard operating procedures and quality assurance/quality control plans, and bidding documents.

He has worked on medium and large projects in the Illinois EPA Site Remediation and Leaking Underground Storage Tank Programs, National Environmental Policy Act Assessments, and Phase I/II Environmental Due Diligence Assessments including Lead-Based Paint and asbestos-containing material inspections, and Clean Construction or Demolition Debris profiling and permitting.  Some of the high-profile projects George worked on involved corporate, federal, state, and local government projects including the Federal Aviation Administration, General Services Administration, Illinois Capital Development Board, Illinois Department of Transportation, Chicago Housing Authority, Public Building Commission of Chicago, and Chicago Public Schools.

George graduated from the University of Illinois in Chicago, Illinois with a Bachelor of Science in Geology and received his Master of Science in Earth Science from Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago, Illinois.    When asked what type of projects he finds most rewarding, George stated, “I find it very fulfilling working on projects that have a social component to them.  Projects that involve real estate development of distressed and abandoned land aimed at providing affordable housing or schools and/or other public services that directly impact people’s lives and revitalize whole communities.  Over the years I had the opportunity and pleasure on working with some not-for-profit organizations on such projects and they have been very memorable.” finished George.

GSG is proud to have staff members who have been with the company for many years.  We find this a testament to our continuous effort to retain high-performing individuals while still affording them the flexibility to pursue their interests outside of the workplace.